About Geisttier

Geisttier (Spirit Animal) is designed by Karin Anders.

As an artist, in 1995, my encounter with neo-shamanism gave me a strong impulse from the animal world, which I began to paint. For many years zoos were my favourite place for anatomical animal studies. In terms of content, I dealt with the power animal associated with the soul. In 2007 I founded the Geisttier project. The work I present in this blog has grown over a long period of time. His results are based on my experiences and insights, which were accompanied by nature-loving Indian (Lakota) spirituality.

My first point of contact with nature-religious art was already at the end of the seventies in the scientific approach of my studies of prehistory and early history, which I spent in Bonn. At that time, my main interest was in the depictions of animals of the Late Palaeolithic, which also gave me the first impulses for my own artistic work.