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Chakra symbolism

The Sanskrit scholar Sir John Woodroffe, lectured under the pseudonym Arthur Avalon in his book “The Serpent Power” (Arthur Avalon, The Serpent Power, 1918/ published in German translation with the title “Die Schlangenkraft”, Otto Wilhelm Barth Verlag, first published in 1961, here 7th edition 2003, quote: p.17, p.222), in great detail about the Indian chakras. The lotus centers are strung together like on a ribbon. The chakras symbolize the energy flow along the spine. On each of the petals there is a Sanskrit character, in its inner circle different geometries are represented, like square, triangle and six star and animals and gods are also shown on it. Read More

How do Spirit Animals and Chakras correspond with each other?

I came into contact with chakras in 1977 during my first yoga course. When I turned to the spirit animal theme in 1995, I had already become familiar with the chakras within yoga and meditation practice in detail, in theory and practice. In my reflections on the individual spirit animals, it was always natural for me to perceive their relationship to the energy centers, the chakras. Read More