Category: Common Spirit Animals

Make friends with a spirit animal (power animal) and its portrait. The described force aspect or presented effective occasion should be consistent with your current situation or challenge.

House horses

Horse friendships

The place where I live accommodates a riding stable and many horse friends. On the meadows around the village horses often graze on small parcels of land. Riders usually walk their animals slowly. Speed and endurance, these great qualities of the horses are hardly visible anymore. Grazing horses can look idyllic, but their movement potential is limited or degenerated. The strength of the horses, which is paired with skill and endurance in movement, is in a negative balance with the domestic horse, which is kept for leisure purposes. Read More

American Bison

Bos Bison

Bison is the central animal of the vast landscapes of the original America, of great speed and strength. He was the highly respected animal of indigenous Indians and gave the ancient Prairie tribes everything they needed to live. Thus the bison or buffalo was associated with the experience of being well supplied. The hoofbeats of a galloping herd of buffalo make the distance swing like the fur of a beaten drum. The buffalo is sacred, coming from the sun, equipped with their heat. Fiery is its element, it purifies your heart, that you recognize yourself related to all life. The challenge is to act responsibly and sustainably, in the interests of the environment, people and animals.

Spirit Animal Porcupine

Crested Porcupine, Hystrix cristata

The porcupine is peaceful and full of confidence in his world of experience. Within the animal energies of the root chakra, the porcupine acts as a playful force that can unfold because there is no fear. Because the ability to defend oneself always carries it with it. The spines are his survival tool. They resemble long horny hair, which are provided with very small barbs. They can easily penetrate any enemy. However, it is difficult to remove them again, so there is a high probability that the wound will become inflamed. Read More

Spirit Animal Spider

Araneus diadematus. Cross Spider.

Something new has entered my life. It has begun as something of which I already suspected that it will belong in my life. But it is still hanging by a silken thread, only the first steps have been taken. I remember the nets of the diligent spinners who, wetted by the early morning dew, sparkled in my garden last autumn. The nets of the orb weaver spiders floated mystically and elegantly between the autumnal branches. Spirit Animal Spider I associate with the ancient woman who invented the destinies of mankind, with incessant shaping power. Read More

Spirit Animal Blackbird

Blackbird.Turdus merlula

Listen with your heart! The pair of blackbirds speak to each other. Or do you only have ears for the blackbird male’s song? The pair holds together, they share the breeding of the young birds. 12 petals illustrate the Anahata Chakra (heart chakra), as an effective force of the heart. The spirit animal blackbird motivates in the construction and peaceful cohesion of your family. Good luck!

Spirit Animal Ermine

Power-Animal weasel
Ermine. Mustela erminea

It is the symbol for the ten-petalled Solar Plexus Charka, which can be seen in the middle of the picture. It is the chakra in which the ability to act and one’s own power manifest themselves. The ermine is a cave dweller. As a spirit animal he enters the unconscious realms of your personality. He is nimble, equipped with an unerring sense of smell and stalking intellect. He loves espionage in the enemy camps of your personality shares and finds out what undermines your ability to act and self power. The ermine is a skilled information hunter and serves you wholeheartedly for the good cause of your personality development.