Category: Orientation

Introduction and supplementary contents about spirit animals, power animals, shamanism, spirituality and chakras.

In case that Spirit Animals or Power Animals meet you here for the first time…

The diversity of the animal world can be perceived in physical form through thousands of animal species. Each animal species presents a special behavior and traits that shape spiritual life energies. Nevertheless, it is a daring step into the invisible to imagine or to feel that an animal spirit exists within one’s own personality. You land in the world of spirits without any ifs or buts. Perhaps you weigh in your thoughts that the spirit world belongs to you as much as your material circumstances. This is a meaningful starting point to take up the trace of your own spirit animal.

It is about your own intuition

There is already a connection between you and your spirit animal. You cannot choose it for yourself. It is less a search, more a deep recognition about which animal species pulsates in your sensory world. This extremely subtle perception cannot be brought about deliberately and many people cannot access the subtle perception. What would the world of spirits be if it showed itself to everyone? It is about developing your own feeling for the subtle energies that unconsciously shape the feeling of your own identity.

It is about the intimate relationship

You can invite a helping power animal with a request to support you in certain qualities and sensations. No matter with which animal species or animal type you go into a conscious power animal connection, it is important that you become familiar with this power animal and find an intimate relationship. Your compassionate abilities and subtle perceptions, also your intuition power will be able to unfold in this friendship. But not as you want and think, but completely without plan and intuitively. Helping power animals and personal spirit animals will have no direct effect on your material success in life. They belong to the subtle spiritual world of experience and also unfold their powers there.

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