How do Spirit Animals and Chakras correspond with each other?

I came into contact with chakras in 1977 during my first yoga course. When I turned to the spirit animal theme in 1995, I had already become familiar with the chakras within yoga and meditation practice in detail, in theory and practice. In my reflections on the individual spirit animals, it was always natural for me to perceive their relationship to the energy centers, the chakras.

Personal Spirit Animals often move surprisingly within the chakra energies.
They unite aspects of individual chakras in an individual way. Their assignment to a main chakra is often, but not always possible. Usually I find two or three chakras involved. These are subtle observations that are supported by the way animals live, their instincts and their habitat. I have seen spirit animals channelling other chakra energies within a main chakra. The main chakra then acts as a filter under which further chakra energies appear to be coloured.

In my articles on the individual animals you will find tags on the chakras that I have assigned to the Personal Spirit Animals or in which chakra the corresponding aspect of the Common Spirit Animals unfolds. For your orientation you will find in my overview of the chakras, the Vedic name (see also chakra symbolism) with German translation and a keyword-like designation of the contents, which shape the connection between the effect of the animals and chakras.