Spirit Animal Albatross

Tristan Albatross, Diomedea dabbenena

Eight years ago, I met the Spirit Animal Albatross with a young woman. She had been injured by events in her childhood, in her trust in life and her ability to relate. She was ready to dream, to go into states that made her forget her mental injuries. On the other hand, she was gifted in getting in touch with people who brought her traumatic memories back to life. Sometimes she lived for days on the streets, with or without drugs, in a state of intoxication, surrounded by youth and feelings of eternity. For albatrosses it is exhausting to take up the flight and also to land again, but in their dynamic gliding they are carried by an endurance, by a special ability to take it up also with the very stormy weather conditions. The young woman maneuvered herself through difficult experiences and emotions. I experienced her determined to master her life.An albatross chases on the high seas. His favourite food is octopus, which comes to the surface from the depths of the sea at night. Plus small fish and crabs. That close to the surface, they’re not great flying artists anymore. They like to settle in the water to eat swimming. They know instinctively where to find it. Albatrosses profit from the prey of killer whales as well as from the waste of fishing vessels. Tristan Albatross breed on the South Atlantic Gough Island. From the third or fourth year on, albatrosses enter into a firm partnership. Their young feed them flying fish eggs. In earlier times, these fish eggs stuck to floating pieces of wood or straw. Today, these fish eggs also combine with the plastic waste floating in the sea. The albatrossers cannot separate the eggs and the plastic waste and feed them to the young albatrosses, which then store themselves as indigestible foreign bodies. On the Midway Islands, in the Pacific Ocean, this leads to a mass extinction of the Albatros young birds. But other seabirds are also affected. The population of Tristan Albatross, which only breeds on Gough Island, is very endangered by a mouse plague. Since the 19th century, they have been invasive house mice introduced to Gough Island by seal hunters. Recently it was recognized that the mice also feed on the albatross chicks. For 80% of the young birds this means a cruel end. The Tristan Albatrosses have not evolved a defense strategy against the attack of mice. Parents watch their chicks being attacked and cannot act.

Albatrosses are impressive birds, of a charisma and power whose full spiritual power can only be developed by certain people. People who live in an extremely moving mode with their emotions. They cause endurance where there is no landing field far and wide. They provide stability where there is nothing to hold on to. Tristan Albatros is a great spiritual companion with whom a person finds contact, who is in resonance with his greatest happiness and his strongest nightmares and depths of soul. He leaves himself free, in the wind and weather of the air, feels what drives him in a gliding flight that is gentle on his strength, at an altitude above 30000 feet.


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