Spirit Animal Spider

Araneus diadematus. Cross Spider.

Something new has entered my life. It has begun as something of which I already suspected that it will belong in my life. But it is still hanging by a silken thread, only the first steps have been taken. I remember the nets of the diligent spinners who, wetted by the early morning dew, sparkled in my garden last autumn. The nets of the orb weaver spiders floated mystically and elegantly between the autumnal branches. Spirit Animal Spider I associate with the ancient woman who invented the destinies of mankind, with incessant shaping power. The Cross Spider produces a total of 7 different thread types, each with a different application. The spider silk is very elastic and resilient, waterproof and yet it can also absorb water. The Cross Spider starts its creative process at a high anchor point and gives its first weaving thread to the wind. This swings like a formless thought through the air until it gets caught somewhere. Are you also looking for a way to turn your flash of inspiration or vision into a new project? Then stick to the spider power with its anchor kisses. As soon as the first thread is caught, the Cross Spider makes a second thread and its point of connection becomes the center of the web. You can now see a Ypsilon, whose vertical also anchors it at a lower point. The spider presents its project to the world in four steps. Now she completes this basic form with several spokes and turns a spiral outwards from the centre. Then she produces the sticky catch thread and turns it from the outside to the inside. In her net, filigree beauty marries the inevitable fate of an insect that gets caught. The goal of a Spirit Animal Cross Spider is of course not to catch an insect. In the spiritual sense Spiritual Animals demand and fulfill spiritual goals. What new spiritual quality is to be created by my project and which old spiritual aspects are to be transformed in the spider web? Spiders are closely connected with the human primal fear of death. This fear points back to a time when poison spiders posed a very real threat to us humans. Cross Spiders are not very toxic. By biting the insect with digestive secretion, they water down the insect that has caught itself in their net. If I invite the spiritual spider power of the Cross Spider, I can expect its technique to be used. I have the feeling that this rather soft process will go well with my intention.

So far, many thanks for reading, with the prospect that I will continue the article in due course.