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Spirit Animal Monkey

Pig-tailed Langur, Simias concolor

In the early summer of 2017 I met a young man. In his facial expressions and his physical expressiveness I immediately noticed a Spirit Animal monkey. As I have already said elsewhere, communication with an Spirit Animal does not take place in the words provided by thinking. It requires an inner silence for me in which the reception of subtle impulses and their insightful translation becomes possible.

Habitat: Mentawei Islands off the west coast of Sumatra

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Spirit Animal Blackbird

Blackbird.Turdus merlula

Listen with your heart! The pair of blackbirds speak to each other. Or do you only have ears for the blackbird male’s song? The pair holds together, they share the breeding of the young birds. 12 petals illustrate the Anahata Chakra (heart chakra), as an effective force of the heart. The spirit animal blackbird motivates in the construction and peaceful cohesion of your family. Good luck!

Chakra symbolism

The Sanskrit scholar Sir John Woodroffe, lectured under the pseudonym Arthur Avalon in his book “The Serpent Power” (Arthur Avalon, The Serpent Power, 1918/ published in German translation with the title “Die Schlangenkraft”, Otto Wilhelm Barth Verlag, first published in 1961, here 7th edition 2003, quote: p.17, p.222), in great detail about the Indian chakras. The lotus centers are strung together like on a ribbon. The chakras symbolize the energy flow along the spine. On each of the petals there is a Sanskrit character, in its inner circle different geometries are represented, like square, triangle and six star and animals and gods are also shown on it. Read More